Make Summertime Living Easier for Your Pets

The beauty of Northern Arizona during the gorgeous summers is a paradise for you to share with your pet. But just like with winter, there are a few essential items you should pick up to make sure the whole season is a happy one for both of you!


These are essential for any dog or cat who goes outside in the summer, since our diverse landscape with plenty of vegetation and bodies of water is the perfect environment for both kinds of parasitic insects.

They are much easier to prevent than to eliminate once there’s an infestation, and can lead to serious health issues including heartworm, anemia, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis you never want to see your pet suffer.

Products range from collars and powders to ointments and pills, and even clothing. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on the right treatment. If you think there could be fleas or ticks in your home, you can try home, room and area foggers to treat your house, or you can call an exterminator for more severe infestations.


The Arizona sun is like no other, in its brightness and intensity. The UV radiation is something humans consider for themselves all the time but not necessarily for their furry loved ones. All that hair does provide protection for their skin, but depending on how much of it they have, sunscreen lotions or wipes might be a good idea.

Just like people, animals can develop melanoma or other skin cancers after too much sun exposure. Some breeds like hairless dogs and cats are especially vulnerable and need sunscreen if they’re going out for long periods of time. But those with light-colored or thin coats are also at risk for sunburn, as well as dogs with white or light pigment on their ears and noses. In fact, we carry nose butters specifically formulated to protect tender skin around the nostrils.

Pet-specific sunscreens are the safest choice. Some can be used on both dogs and cats, but make sure you don’t use one that’s only labeled for cats on dogs. If you have concerns about using sunscreen on your pet, protective clothing is also another alternative worth considering here.


There are many forms these can take, to serve different needs. Elevated platform beds with a mesh surface are perfect indoors or outdoors for keeping pets a few inches off of potentially warm surfaces and letting the air circulate on all sides of their bodies. They’re stylish and practical, and the best ones have canopies to protect them from getting overheated by the sun, too.

Cooling mats generally go on the floor or ground, and contain a special heat-absorbing  gel which is activated by the pressure of your pet’s body, cooling your pet until both are the same temperature. At this point your pet will probably go find a cooler spot, but some of these mats will function for hours at a time, making it ideal for quick cooldowns after a long hike as well as sustained cooling on a 90-plus degree day.

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