Why Do I Need to Train My Dog?

Your puppy is perfect. Really. She’s really getting good about not wrapping the leash around your legs, and just about has her potty training under control. Chewing — OK, that happens occasionally, but she’ll grow out of it.

What else does she need to do?

There may not be any police or seeing-eye service in her future, but training your dog has multiple benefits for both of you no matter her or his age.

Training gives your pup mental stimulation to go along with physical activity, providing a good workout (and followed by a good nap). Even if you don’t want your dog to join the circus, they will enjoy learning a few simple tricks from you and learn, however subtly, that you’re the “leader of the pack.”

Reward-based training strengthens the bond between pet and “parent,” and is most effective by ignoring undesirable actions if at all possible, not giving your dog any of the attention they so crave from you.

Puppy classes, especially when completed before the dog is about 18 weeks old, are especially important in teaching important socialization cues and techniques with other dogs that will last the rest of their lives.

Training your pup to respond to voice commands keeps them from literally running into dangerous situations on the street or with other dogs, giving you much more peace of mind. It teaches them what is and isn’t acceptable in the home you share, which will nip that chewing issue in the bud much faster than praying it’s just a phase will. This will also bring habitual barking, the biggest issue dogs raise with neighbors, to heel.

It makes vet visits much easier, and you’ll be more willing to make and keep those appointments as well, making it that much more likely that any health issues will be caught and dealt with early.

For all of these reasons and more, Whiskers Barkery has been offering dog training classes for many years. Our trainer, Lisa Saputo, comes to us with 15 years of experience, and began her training with Love on a Leash in Vista, CA.

She’s experienced in puppy training for dogs under 4 months, basic obedience, therapy dog, service dog and canine good citizen courses. Lisa teaches manners in all her classes, since dogs need to learn from everyday experiences.

Please email Lisa for information at <a href=”mailto:wasburt1@gmail.com”>wasburt1@gmail.com</a>! She looks forward to meeting you and your furry best friend!